Learn in 1 minute how to include Click To Tweet in your email marketing

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Learn in 1 minute how to include Click To Tweet in your email marketing

We have all encountered post where certain phrases are highlighted with an invitation to tweet, or perhaps an email where you are encouraged to tweeting content by clicking on a link, right? That is what is known as “Click To Tweet” and there are several plugins in the market that allow you to do it easily and, as you will see, there are other ways to do it too.

Why is Click to Tweet important and what are its advantages?

The main advantage is the ability to amplify the reach of your messages on Twitter in a simple and convenient way for users. It’s a smart way to get them involved in promoting your content. In this way, your content will reach your communities without this involving any effort for you or the user.

Where to Click to Tweet?

The most common place to find a Click to Tweet link is in a post, but Click to Tweet links are also begining to be effectively found in emails. In this way, your marketing strategy will be reinforced in a simple and discreet way. It is helpful to be able to connect not only the blog with social networks, but also link the email channel as an intermediary to speed up and viral communication in this case between Twitter and your blog Or website. The impact is greater for two reasons, you can accelerate the promotion through a mailing and on Twitter you can reach users who are outside the borders of your own community.

Different ways of doing it

There are two ways to make a tweetable text. A more artisan involves playing code, and the other, much simpler, is limited to installing a plugin. But if you just want to create a tweetable link that you can insert into an email, pay attention to these two ways of doing so. Is sucked ūüėČ :


There are several plugins that allow you to generate tweets with a single click, but perhaps the best known is Click To Tweet. If your goal is simply to get a link to put in an email to tweet content you do not even have to install it. Just do the following:

  1. Visit the website https://clicktotweet.com/.
  2. In the main menu, go to Basic Link.
  3. Add a message of less than 140 characters including the URL you want
  4. And give the button to generate a new link.

Click To Tweet

That easy! You will see a shortened URL that you must include in the body of your email so your users can click and Ready!

In addition to helping you generate clicks to tweet, if you register, you are offered analytics of the tweet on the total clicks on the link of your tweet and on the link generated by them to promote your tweets, as well as the possibility of embedding the link Tweet in various formats.

Directl Integration

This way of doing it is also very simple:

  1. Do you click on this link: https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?
  2. Add the title and URL you want to tweet in the text box.
  3. You copy the resulting URL
  4. The shortcut with some service type Bit.ly
  5. And you add it to your email

Finally, encourage you to add to Click To Tweet and of course, if you found this post useful, tweets.

Learn in 1 min how to include #ClickToTweet in your #EmailMarketing and reach more people Click to Tweet


Original Post by Josué Hernández Suárez

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