Promote your blog's new content with just two clicks


New content's promotion on your blog no longer has to be a headache. With BlogsterApp you can easily promote content in a few minutes, set the promotion duration, and the way that headlines are distributed for each of your profiles on different social networks.

Improve your promotion plan

Set how you will automatically promote the new content on your blog on different social networks

Publication of a new post on your blog is the finalization of an important process, the creation process, with all the effort and creativity that this implies. From this moment begins the promotion process to make it known to the whole world.

Promotion of a new blog post, normally must be extended for a while time, and you must intensify its promotion according to the social network. BlogsterApp is able to automate this process so that this does not involve more effort for you.

How to use the BlogsterApp Promotion section correctly?

The first step is the configuration, you must enable a promotion plan for each of your social profiles. The second one is to establish how much time and how you are going to prioritize the headlines over those days.

After completing these steps, when you publish a new blog entry, BlogsterApp will advise you to fill the 5 headlines out so you can start the automatic promotion with just one click.

A process that usually takes you hours, is solved in 5 minutes with our solution.

Promotion of your blog's new content on social networks is no longer a problem, with BlogsterApp you can solve it in just 2 clicks

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the promotion plan?

You set it, and it can take between 3 to 15 days. The most common thing is that you adjust it to your pace of publication of new content.

You can set the duration independently for each profile.

How is planning prioritized?

When you set up the promotion plan for the first time, you will view a series of gray flags distributed into as many columns as days you have established.

Every day shows a number of flags according to the maximum number of messages you have set in the corresponding diffuser. You must now indicate the position where you want to place the headline of the new content throughout the days of promotion.

How can I know if the promotion is finished?

Once BlogsterApp has distributed the last promotional message, you will receive an email with the number of clicks you have got.

The analysis of this metric will helps you to improve your promotion plan.

How do I indicate that I do not want to promote a specific entry?

The new entries are marked by default as “pending promotion”. Select the blog entry and, using the "Change to" button, select “Expired Content”. In this way, the new entry of your blog will not be included in the promotion process.