Outbox is the result of the automated planning of BlogsterApp


The automated planning process of BlogsterApp results in the Outbox. It contains the messages for each associated profile: allows you to edit these messages, delete them and share them now.

Outbox, the automated planning process of BlogsterApp

View of the next 72 hours from the Outbox

The Outbox is the result of the work done by BlogsterApp. This result is composed by the automatically scheduled messages, following the content distribution plan defined by the user for each profile.

From the Outbox you can also see the messages coming from the promotion plan and that prioritize the new content.

Each message has a status. This status takes the following values: pending distribution, distributed, in promotion or that presents some error in the distribution.

Pending messages can be edited and / or shared directly from the Outbox.

What are the most important features of the Outbox?

With the Outbox you can not only see the daily messages, also the scheduled messages for the next 72 hours, and the messages distributed in previous days. You can also filter by social network at the top of the window, giving you more control over your messages.

You can edit messages, share them now or delete them depending on their status.

Depending on the configuration of each headline, you will see the image on the right.

The Outbox is automatically generated and you do not need to login for it. If you have just added a blog, you have a button that allows you to display the Outbox at the moment.

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Outbox is the result of automated planning of BlogsterApp

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know the expected time for the distribution of a message?

At the top of each message you can view the expected time of your distribution. This time is automatically calculated by BlogsterApp depending on the configuration of the content distribution plan of the corresponding profile.

How can I stop the automated planning?

Content planning is an automated process, but it is also possible to pause it. If you want to pause the planning and distribution of a certain profile, you can go to the corresponding distribution plan and select inactive status (bottom right). If you want to completely pause the planning process, you can go to the Program window, select ‘Undefined’ and click the ‘Save changes’ button.

In the ‘My blogs’ window you will see that the status is now OFF.

Is it possible to move messages in the Outbox?

At the moment it is not possible to edit the exit date of a message, nor it is possible to move the order in which they are distributed. However, in future releases, several enhancements will be included giving you more control.

Extended Message Editing for Facebook and LinkedIn

Message editing from the Outbox allows a greater amount of text if the message is planned for Facebook or LinkedIn. Remember that you can also set the extended version of the headlines for these social networks from the Headlines window.