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Connect, Share and Conquer your followers

Share your new blog posts with your BlogsterApp's Community and increase your blog's reach

My Community  - Blogsterapp

Create your own network and increase your blog’s reach

With My Community you will share your new posts with your followers and they will automatically curate your posts and share them in their social networks.

In this way, your posts will not only share through your Twitter or Facebook profiles, but also through the profiles of your followers. You will reach beyond the borders of your own social networks. Soon, your fans will increase on Facebook or your followers on Twitter, in addition to increasing traffic to your blog.

Follow other blogs and automate the content curation

And what is the advantage for you to follow other blogs? Very simple. It allows you to automate the content curation from reliable sources.

And what is the difference with an automatic feed? There is two main differences:

  • The publishers decide whether or not to share the new content with their followers.
  • The curators select only the suggested content that give them value and is interesting for its communities.

You no longer need to spend time with content curation tools to select articles that you then have to manually schedule and also forget about automatic feeds without intelligence.

Follow your reference blogs and curate content smartly and in less time


How can I access to My Community?

First you need to sign up at BlogsterApp. You can access My community from a link at the top of BlogsterApp. From here you will access a search engine to find blogs to follow and you will also see which blogs follow yours.

How can I get followers?

Optimize your BlogsterApp profile and let people find you by your name, title, description, URL or category of your blog in our search engine. Don’t forget to include your blog’s logo to make easy to find you ;)

Every time you have a new follower you will receive a notification with the information of the blog that followed you. Give him a follow back if you like the content.

How can I follow other blogs?

Find blogs to follow among BlogsterApp users using the search engine and introducing the URL, title, description or author.

You can also display a list by categories, so you can discover which are the reference blogs of the topic you are interested in.

How can I share my new posts to my followers?

Share only those new blog posts that bring true value to your followers. To do this, go to "Entries" and click the share icon.

You will only be able to share your posts for the first 7 days after they are published. When you share your post, you can see a progress bar which indicates how many followers have curate your post. Each post shared by your followers will include a mention to your Twitter account.

How do you automate the content curation from the blogs I follow?

The suggested content of the blogs you follow is in the "External Links" option of the vertical menu.

Select and add as cured content only those posts that really add value to your community. Delete the rest. Once added to curated content, it will be planned and disseminated through your social media profiles.

What if I do not want other users find my blog?

If you have a test blog or blogs that you do not want to be found by other My Community users, go to the blog tab (the settings button in the My blogs window or in the top) and in the privacy section, mark it as private.