Up to 5 different headlines to share the same content of your blog on social networks


The title of a blog post is normally thought for SEO and is not ideal to communicate it on social networks. Learn how to create headlines and why they are important. 

With the BlogsterApp headlines you can multiply by 5 the messages related to the relevant content of your blog

Headline editing
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The way in which you express the content you share on social networks is key to get more interactions and reach. By default, the title of a post is oriented towards SEO and the use of keywords. You must have a different strategy for social networks, even a different way of communicating adjusted to each of your communities.

With the 5 headlines, you can specify 5 different calls to action. It is ideal to promote the new content and increase the daily offer of messages.

Use the extended version of the headlines to add more text. It is ideal for Facebook and LinkedIn.

How to edit the headlines on BlogsterApp?

Headlines are only available for the relevant content. Access to the headlines window and select the corresponding blog entry in the drop down list. By default, the first headline is equal to the original post title, but it is editable and you can enrich it with hashtags, mentions, etc.

Be creative, innovate and communicate. Use the extended version of each headline to adapt the communication to Facebook and LinkedIn, which support a longer text length.

For headlines with image, just click on the image icon to indicate to BlogsterApp that the headline is accompanied by the image shown on the right. That easy!

You will be able to see the total number of used headlines from the My Blogs window.

Remember that before promoting the new content of your blog, you must specify the 5 headlines.

How to edit the headlines on BlogsterApp?

With the headlines you can associate with each entry of your blog up to 5 different calls to action

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it mandatory to fill in all the headlines?

No, it is not obligatory, but it is highly recommended that you complete the 5 headlines so that you can communicate the same content in a different way.

In case you want to promote the new content of BlogsterApp automatically, then it is a mandatory requirement.

Be original in each headline.

What is the extended version of the headlines?

The extended version of the headline is an extended variant (512 characters) compatible for broadcast on Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you have established the extended version, then BlogsterApp will prioritize the content planning for Facebook and LinkedIn.

Is it possible to know the headline which gets the most traffic?

In effect, you can know the traffic received from each headline. This way you can evaluate which type of headline works best.

Remember, each headline must be a call to action.

You can also review the general traffic of the blog entry and the global traffic associated with the blog.

More about functions for images in Headlines

The image shown on the right side of the headline window is automatically indexed by BlogsterApp, so you do not have to waste time in uploading the image.

If the image is not indexed automatically, you have two buttons that will help you to upload it. The magic wand allows you to "scan" all the images associated with the post url, and select the most representative. The other button allows you to paste the URL of the image.