Automate a custom content distribution plan for your online communities

Every social network is different, even within a same social network, each one of your profiles is different. Through the content distribution plan for social networks, you can specify how BlogsterApp should plan and distribute your content to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

content distribution plan

Adjust time slots, maximum number of messages and priority of news of each one of your profiles in social networks

BlogsterApp works actively for you 24 hours a day. You just need to indicate how you want to distribute your content.

Through the content distribution plan for social networks, you can set different parameters in a very simple and visual way, among which highlight: days of the week, time slots, maximum number of messages and priority of news.

How to establish the maximum number of messages for each social network?

The maximum number of messages depends on the social network and the size of your community. You can set from one message to a maximum of ten messages per day.

It is important that you look for quality and not quantity. Establish this data depending on the number of followers you have and also depending on the headlines of your blog.

Remember that you can always provide more value with the content curation and, of course, with that daily conversation.

BlogsterApp distribution plan
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Save time, adjust the content distribution for your online communities, and achieve a very natural language and communication thanks to the BlogsterApp’s content distribution plan

Frequently Asked Questions

How are time slots established?

BlogsterApp offers you, by default, a unique time slot from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., within which messages are distributed. [...] If you know the time slots of more impact you can establish different time slots (morning, afternoon and night, for example).

What is the priority of news?

In addition to the relevant headlines, you can also include news by using the Google Chrome extension and curing content while surfing. If the priority of news is high means that the first message of the day is a piece of news, later a headline... You can indicate low priority, or ‘excluded’ to not distribute news by that profile.

Can new profiles be added within a social network?

Yes, of course. BlogsterApp can distribute, for example, through several Twitter accounts or feed several Fanpages. The really interesting thing is that once you have added the new profile you can configure it in a totally different way from the rest.

Why is it important to establish the local time zone?

Your messages are distributed according to the time zone that you have indicated in the settings.
If you manage international accounts, you can indicate the local time zone for each profile.