Cure content and news of your sector and enrich your daily offer of messages to social networks


Content curation is the process by which you are able to offer the content that really provides value to your online communities, and is aligned with the theme of your blog.

content curation

An effective content strategy combines the own headlines of your blog with the third-party content

Thanks to the ability of BlogsterApp to automate the content distribution planning, you can have a daily presence on social media with less effort.

Additionally, if you add third-party content (external blogs, specialized media, etc.), your daily offer of messages will be much richer. You will provide more value and you will position yourself as an expert, not only because of what you write in your blog, but also for what you share on your social networks.

Content curation is now easier with BlogsterApp.

How to use the BlogsterApp extension for Google Chrome?

The first step is to install Google Chrome Extension, log in and view the first steps wizard.

From here, when you are reading a news or a blog post, click on the corresponding icon of your browser and add the content to the News section of BlogsterApp.

BlogsterApp will alternate the own headings of the relevant content of your blog with the news that you have previously added.

The result is a balanced outbox, with great value for each of your communities in social networks. That easy!

Cure easily the content for your followers while surfing the Internet

Frequently Asked Questions

Why add news to BlogsterApp?

Because in this way you provide much more value to people who follow you. You offer relevant current content which contributes to their information and training.

Does the extension work in all browsers?

The extension is only compatible with Google Chrome. If you are using another browser, you can also cure content from the News section of BlogsterApp. Paste the URL of the piece of news you are reading, select the image and press the ‘Add news’ button.

The advantage of the extension is that you can do all this while surfing and without having to access BlogsterApp.

Is it possible to specify the social network on which I wish to share the news?

At the time of curing the content there is no a specific section to determine if a piece of news should be shared on all linked profiles or only on some of them.

The priority of the piece of news is an aspect that you can configure in the Diffusers section, so that you can choose between:

• High priority (the first daily message is a piece of news).
• Low priority (the first daily message is a headline of your blog).
• Excluded priority (no news spread by that diffuser).

Can I cure the same content for several blogs associated with my BlogsterApp account?

Yes, you can. It is ideal for work of Community Managers. It is very frequent to have content that can be valid for several blogs.

At the time of using the extension, the associated blogs with your account will appear at the top. You will only have to select which of them you want to link the piece of news to. In this way, with just one click, you can cure the same content for all selected blogs.