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Automate your Content Marketing with BlogsterApp

Attract higher-quality traffic to your blogs and save time and effort automating your social media content scheduling.

BlogsterApp is the only tool in the market capable of automating content distribution to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Marketing agencies, companies, community managers and bloggers have one goal in common: attracting high-quality traffic to their customer's or their personal blogs.

However, we all know that a good social media strategy is so much more than just sharing your content to social media. You need to study your audience, get them thinking about your content, plan out your content strategically, promote it, interact with your online communities, measure the results of your action plan, etc…

Sharing content to social media is a key part of the communication process, but it involves a great deal of effort daily, which often takes up a lot of time, and inputting the content manually is neither productive nor creative.

In view of this, we believe process automation is the key to creating a successful content marketing strategy. The idea is to save time and spend it wisely. BlogsterApp was inspired by this philosophy.

For these reasons, we have developed an automated planning software which will allow you to power your daily presence on social media based on all the relevant content you have already published on your blog, as well as recent news, with little to no effort.

BlogsterApp has created My Community, a social network for blogs that allows you to share your new post with your followers and they will automatically curate your post and share them in their social networks. Now you can increase your blog's reach and automate the content curation.

Revive Old Posts

Direct syncing of blogs from Blogger and Wordpress platforms.

Promotion Plan for New Posts

Identifies which pieces of content are evergreen and which are current.

Headline Editing

Add up to 5 headlines to the same post and measure the traffic gained to your blog per headline.

Content Curation

Schedule external posts and newscasts easily using our extension for Google Chrome.

Social Media Analytics

Statistics to measure the impact of traffic and adjust your content distribution plan.

Last-Minute Editing

Use the Outbox to view, edit, share and delete scheduled messages.

My Community 

Connect, Share and Conquer your followers. Increase your blog's reach and automate the content curation.

BlogsterApp Infographic