Revive Old Post VS BlogsterApp

Application type SaaS Plugin for WordPress
Main Purpose Sharing of the historical content of the blog and sector news Scheduling content
Installation mode Web registration with first-step wizard Instalation on the blog
Software update Automatic Manual
APP to devices Expected
Browser extensions Chrome
Free version    
Trial free 15 days PRO [Without paying dates]
Number of paid versions 3 3
Way to pay Montly & Annually By license
Method of payment PayPal Paypal & 2CheckOut
Minimum price Version of payment $3,99/month $75 per license
Compatible with Blogger  
Compatible with  
Compatible with    
Link RSS  
Sharing to Facebook Fan Pages  
Sharing to Facebook Profile Expected Yes (completed, with API KEY)
Sharing to Linkedin Profile   Yes (completed, with API KEY)
Sharing to Linkedin Enterprise   Yes (completed, with API KEY)
Sharing to Pinterest  
Sharing to Xing  (paying)
Sharing to Thumblr  (paying)
Management of expired entries    
Filter by categories Manually Automatically
Set number of messages by diffuser    
Maximum messages via Twitter Max. 10 per day No limits
Number of bindable accounts 2 Many (paying)
Time zones per diffuser By time zones yes per hh:mm
Diffuser status (ON or OFF)    
Multiblog management from control panel  
Runs the blog from the most recent entries  
Runs the blog from the most ancient entries  
Outbox messages    
Editing messages in Outbox    (paying)
Broadcast forecast 72h 35h
Posts indexing    
Pages indexing  
Activity log  
User Permission 1 1
Mode of publication of own content Yes, AUTO Yes, RSS FEED
Mode of publication of foreign content Yes, MANUAL
Headlines edition  
Alternative headlines by post 5
Hashtag customization    
Messages customization    
Add alternative text    
Location of the additional text At the end At the beginning and at the end
URL Shortener (own), WP
Messages with photos    (paying)
Messages with videos Miniaturas
Dissemination of third-party content (News)  
News priority by diffuser  
Infinite re-sharing loop   Optional
Customization settings of each diffuser  
Monitoring of campaign in GA   Optional
Social Media Management Professional Services  
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