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BlogsterApp allows you to Re-Spread all the relevant content of the history of your blog automatically and effortlessly. In this infographic we highlight the main features of our app.   Share it with your followers and remember, if you have a blog, you have to try BlogsterApp! 🙂 Nerea PadillaCommunity Manager especializada en Marketing Digital y […]

You may have heard the words “INBOUND MARKETING” more than once, especially if you are a company or professional that seeks to position and sell their products/services online, and are familiar with content creation, Internet, blogs or social media. Consider the following idea: INBOUND is like real life social interactions. Do you recall, while at […]

We have all encountered post where certain phrases are highlighted with an invitation to tweet, or perhaps an email where you are encouraged to tweeting content by clicking on a link, right? That is what is known as “Click To Tweet” and there are several plugins in the market that allow you to do it […]