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Writing extensive post is a task that can be tough and even impossible in some cases if we do not understand some basic things, much more so if what we want to do is to write posts of more than 2000 words and guarantee an absolute relevance for Google and the main search engines. Assuming you are […]

Increase Visits to Your Blog Increasing user traffic on your blog can be a slow task. At first you may have been inspired, published some original entries, and received some considerable follow up. But now, after a while, you still have the same number of readers. To give you a little boost, we’ve thought of […]

If you improve your profile on Twitter, you will improve your presence, reach and opportunities. Here are the “10 tips to improve your Twitter profile” we have created for you, we hope you find it useful. 1. Your photo is important, believe me you will not succeed if you do not come out of your […]

Life does not simply pass, but rather it is us who pass through life. I want you to think about the diary you had in your youth, where you listed the most intimate moments of your life. It has often been compared to a blog where we write articles to help others and on those […]

This practical guide for BlogsterApp’s first steps will help you discover, learn and understand full potential of our service. Once complete you’ll soon be on your way to become an expert! Contents Introduction How is BlogsterApp Useful? Synchronizing Blog Entries Managing Active and Inactive Blog Content Adding Calls to Action to Achieve Greater Reach Keeping […]