The Benefits of Social Networking for Small Businesses

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The Benefits of Social Networking for Small Businesses

Benefits of Social Networking for Small Businesses

Social networks are very present in our day-to-day lives. They’ve played a very important role, changing the way we interact, research and share information, allowing us to grow into a society that is connected on a global level.

Small businesses are a sector that have a great opportunity for exposure thanks to the expanding world of social media. Today, I will talk about some of the main benefits of social networking that a local business can have with a strong presence when it is active in different social networks.

Generate Web Traffic

Social networks are a way to generate traffic to your business’s web page, which leads to an increase in the number of customers/clients you gain. (I’ll assume your business already has a web page–if not, what are you waiting for?)

Get Insights Into What Your Customers Think

The success of a business is also measured by how well it responds to its customers’ compliments and complaints. Social networks provide a means of interacting with your customers, which can let you know what they think about your business. It is advisable to try to respond to all doubts and/or complaints in real time by having conversations with your customers.

Promote Your Business In a New Way

There are many ways to advertise and promote your business using social networks: you can update your blog daily with news about your business and interesting information for your customers, including promotions for new products and describing their functionalities. The ideal blog makes sharing content from it easier for your customers, as well as yourself. In sharing, you are able to generate an interest in your products in potential customers.

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Access A Wider Range of Opportunity

If you have a small business, social networks can help your promotion reach farther, going so far as a national and/or international range of visibility. In this way your physical store could branch out to an online one, selling your products on the Web and showcasing them to a much wider audience.

Get To Know the Competition

All businesses have some competition. Besides being an important way to access your customers’ opinions about your business, social networks can also help you connect with other businesses in your field. This way you can recognize the friendly or rival competition your business has, get insight as to how your competition operates and how they work, as well as acquiring new contacts, which will help you establish professional relationships that can work for your business.

Get A Faster Way to Share Content

Advertising is about sharing information with potential and existing customers. The faster your advertisements and promotions reach your customers, the better. Social networks help businesses announce important news and promotions instantly, simply by posting what they want on different networks, reaching the right customer at the right time.

Are You Clear About the Benefits of Social Networking?

It’s important for small businesses to be present on the Internet and its different social media platforms. When you start using your social networks to promote your business, you will be able to benefit from everything they can bring you by getting to know your customers’ thoughts and needs, using the ability to interact in real time with them.

Now, are you ready to boost your business with social networks? Share with us your experience. 🙂


Original Post  by Lorena Fernández.

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