The Importance of Automation in the Content Distribution for your Blog

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The Importance of Automation in the Content Distribution for your Blog

This post is not meant to be one of those posts that goes on about automation in publishing content for your blog, not at all! Rather, I’m here to talk to you about the importance of automation in the circulation of your content in order to generate constant traffic to your website.

Having made this clarification, let’s talk a little about what we mean by automation. Even though the term is quite simple, the assumption is made that we will use complex software installed on our computer, or something like that, that would take long, hard hours to learn how to use. Nope, we won’t have to do anything like that.
You might be thinking right now, “So, what are you going to tell us, then, anyway?” Well, it’s very simple: I’m going to tell you why it’s important to have a good automation strategy for content distribution, and then I’m going to give you some good ideas on how to achieve it without major effort, thanks to some very powerful, life-changing tools you’ll never forget.

Click this link to for a very useful post containing 5 tricks to increase visits to your blog.

Automation in Circulation of Contents in your Blog: Importance

The main reason why it is extremely important to automate the circulation of our blog content is simply a matter of “Time,” which, translated into our working day, would be something more like money. Diffusing content in a traditional way may involve publication, for example, spread out through different social networks. The most commonly used networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin) could take us around 2 to 3 hours of work a day, if we take it seriously.

This is a task that any blogger knows they cannot stop focusing on, because where there is no traffic, there are no clients. Therefore, alongside other strategies including SEO, SEM and exchange of links, the virialization or circulation of content must be done daily.

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Automating the dissemination of content will allow  you to save time as well as money, not only when it comes to your working hours (which are worth it!), but also when it comes to saving money by not having to sign up for multiple memberships for tools that often do not work and are complicated to integrate.

Programming the automation of content dissemination is also a great way to get to know your readers. Publishing content at different times in different formats will allow you to start receiving a large number of statistics that will tell you clearly who your reader is, where and when you are reading, and what you like most about what you write.

Automation in Content Distribution Generates More Money

If you are a business blogger who essentially runs a site for their business, being able to automate the circulation of your content and get more traffic to your post will also generate more traffic to your subscriptions, offers and/or online store. No doubt your income will start to grow proportionally to your readers.

I already told you that more traffic means more money, right?

Well, I want to repeat that, because it’s part of the equation you must put together when it comes to understanding that to achieve success, you must invest in some super powerful tools that make you earn money automatically, or at least make your life much simpler.

Tools for Automation In Content Distribution: WordPress

In an earlier blog post, we told you how to monetize a WordPress blog. I encourage you to review that post if you still do not make money with your blog, but are interested in doing so.

If you are a blogger and use the WordPress platform, you are already one step ahead, since you can install the free Jetpack Plugin, which has a luxury functionality to automate the diffusion of your posts when publishing them. Within the multiple configuration options, you have those of TRAFFIC, in which you can configure the posts to spread with the main social networks connected to your site. Then, just press the PUBLISH button to make the plugin do its work and share for the first time your publication in the social networks that you have set up.

Tools for Automation In Content Distribution

Tools for Automation In Content Distribution

Automation in the Circulation of Your Content: BlogsterApp

BlogsterApp - Automated Content Distribution for your blog

BlogsterApp – Automated Content Distribution for your blog

If really what you are looking for is to save money, time and get really incredible results, with BlogsterApp, you will be able to perform an endless task automatically, but in my humble understanding, the highlights are the following:

  1. Automate Publication in Main Social Networks

    The application (which you can run directly from the Web, wherever you are) allows you to connect with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest automatically, so that you can spread your content on a regular basis according to the plan you choose, corresponding to your desired time usage and the calendar of your liking.

  2. Automate News Publishing on your Social Networks

    The app also allows you to add news not from your blog that you want to share with your community in the programming of your broadcast. This will add more variety and quality of content to your social profiles. Your readers will find a variety of content, including some content that isn’t yours.

  3. Different Headlines and Images on the Same Post

    You can create up to 5 tests with each piece of content from your blog, changing the image and title to be seen on your social networks. This allows you to evaluate what sort of titles and images have the greatest impact on your readers. Cool, right?! This is great because you will see that the same post can have a lot of difference in traffic with only a change of title or image.

  4. Re-share Old Posts

    One thing that bloggers generally forget is that new readers can arrive at any moment, and usually, a new reader does not read our older posts, so what bloggers should do is always “remember” that the oldest post of your blog is good too! BlogsterApp is great for this, because you can choose which tickets to broadcast permanently and which posts to not (for example, you wouldn’t want to re-share posts of events that have already happened and has no reason to be re-shared, or a paid-for, sponsored post that you don’t want to have reappear on your social networks.)

  5. Choose How Many Times your Content is Broadcast

    In BlogsterApp, each social network is called a diffuser. The diffusers can be configured very simply to to indicate how many times a day you want your content to be shown. For example, you can choose to broadcast your content 3, 4 or 6 times a day or more? Depending on this, the system will choose between your posts and the news you have uploaded to be broadcasted.

    In addition, each diffuser allows you to configure up to 4 hourly content shares, which is very practical if you have audiences from different countries. This way, you ensure that your messages do not always show up at the time that your readers on the other side of the world are sleeping.

    Finally, in order not to tire out your community, you can also set a minimum interval between messages, in order to not fill their walls or timelines with your broadcasts.

Content Broadcast Automation: Buffer

 Tools for automating content distribution - Buffer

Tools for automating content distribution – Buffer

Another very powerful tool to automate content is Buffer, which, when combined with the previous tools, will give you an excellent mix of strategies.

You can customize your posts with creative images and different texts. Buffer also allows you to broadcast on major social networks, and its premium version allows you to manage content for up to 150 social profiles!

Buffer adds a plus that many other tools do not have: integration to viralizing contents on Instagram. If you are a lover of this social network, or your business prospects are on there, with this complementary strategy using this tool, you can’t miss!


As an extra, I leave you the link to Pablos by Buffer, an interesting online tool that allows you to generate creative images for your publications in social networks. You can use this tool for Buffer and BlogsterApp as well. Thanks to this interesting tool, you can save really big money on designers or software.

Pablos by Buffer

Pablos by Buffer

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I won’t expand too much on this point, since Josue Hernandez has summed it up beautifully in this post, but what I can tell you is that Twitter is undoubtedly the main source of traffic for any blogger. There is no other that is more effective to date. One way to achieve the automation of content distribution in this particular social network is by figuring out how to integrate an application of this type into your blog, emails and wherever you can spread your Tweets. Don’t hesitate to add it now to your social networking strategy if you want to be successful.

Summary on Automation in Content Distribution

In summary, it’s very important that you develop a good strategy of automation in content distribution in order to improve the use of time in your work, optimize revenue generation and overall profitability of your project, and improve the overall positioning of your blog.

There are many tools to choose in order to achieve this, but the ideal mix I suggest here is to start with BlogsterApp as a basis for programming, circulation and statistic analysis of your blog content and news broadcasts, Buffer to add external content, with Pablos as a creative bonus, JetPack, if you are a WordPress user, to boost the first push of your content to social networks, and finally, Click To Tweet, to benefit from always-useful Twitter traffic and achieve synergy with your followers.

Now it’s time for you to get to work!

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