The Employee Branding is now possible

Why is BlogsterApp the main ally of Employee Branding?

Employee branding is a rising strategy among big companies because of employee consolidation as the most valued voice by the public. It is crucial that employees participate in the social media strategy and promote the reach of corporate content in social networks. The goal: to make employees the brand ambassadors. To reach the success of employee branding strategy in social networks, the company must invest in training and in the use of Content Marketing Automation tools. That is why we have created BlogsterApp Ambassador adapting to the specific needs of each company.

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  • Issuing and managing invitations to brand ambassadors
  • Segmentation and personalization of the profiles of ambassadors
  • Tagging / Categorizing / Segmenting the blog content
  • Content repository powered by the brand and the ambassadors
  • Automatic planning engine from blogs / corporate websites
  • Planning promotional campaigns
  • Calendar view of the outbox
  • Management of the gamification system
  • Analytics of the efficiency of ambassadors, social networks, content, audience, leads and sales.
  • Real-time reports by diffuser and ambassador
  • Tracking of sales generated by ambassadors
  • Multi-channel notification system with the ambassador


Brand Ambassador

  • Access to a dashboard with credentials (upon invitation from the administrator)
  • Management of linked social profiles
  • Repository to access content suggested by the brand and other ambassadors for its voluntary sharing
  • Ability to read, edit and schedule the contents of the repository
  • Content Curation to the repository (pending approval by the administrator) with the Google Chrome extension
  • Outbox with planned content to profiles
  • Diffsuion statistics
  • Bidirectional channel of communication between the ambassador and the brand
  • Gamification and leaderboard. Score of the ambassador
  • Mobile App for Ambassadors

Features of BlogsterApp Ambassador

Brand ambassadors network

Create a brand ambassadors network through an issuing and managing invitations system. You can segment ambassadors by category

Content Repository

Administrators can nurture the repository with content that ambassadors can voluntarily share

Automatic Planning

The automatic planning engine allows the brand to schedule content on behalf of ambassadors prior authorization

Analytics to measure success

Analytics allow the administrator to monitor the ambassadors activity on real time and to analyze the impact of their publications

Gamification System

The gamification system offers a ranking of ambassadors, so the brand can reward the most active ambassadors

Extras for the Ambassador

We make life easier to brand ambassadors with extras like the Mobile App, a responsive portal and a Google Chrome extension


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Benefits for the brand

Improve the reach of corporate content

Increase the reach of corporate content of the brand through the social networks of the employees, who become in ambassadors

Increase trust in the brand

The Edelman Trust Barometer 2017 notes that the voice of employees enjoys the highest credibility and confidence for the public

Increase sales - Social Selling

It allows big commercial teams to automate the daily presence in social networks so that the commercial is always on the radar of potential customers

Benefits for the ambassador

Personal Branding 

Ambassadors will not have to invest in building their personal branding, the company will do it for them. This will make them more attractive to the market

More competitive professional profile

Empowering the social profiles of ambassadors means increasing differentiation and competitiveness in a highly competitive context

Multiply the opportunities

It allows to promote a double movement where the commercial grows professionally at the same time that actively promotes the growth of the brand


BlogsterApp is part of Microsoft’s BizSpark program, helping us as startup to deploy the application to the Windows Azure cloud computing infraestructure

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