5 tricks to increase visits to your blog

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5 tricks to increase visits to your blog

Increase Visits to Your Blog

Increasing user traffic on your blog can be a slow task. At first you may have been inspired, published some original entries, and received some considerable follow up. But now, after a while, you still have the same number of readers.

To give you a little boost, we’ve thought of a few tips to increase traffic to your traffic and visibility. It is not an ancient technique or a theory of quantum physics. Quite the opposite, these are simple tricks, which often easily go forgotten. Here we go!

1. Do not abandon your blog! Yes, we know, it’s not the most original trick in history, but it’s something that is often not taken into account. Be original, innovative and consistent. Publish regularly with interesting content so that your blog becomes a reference point. If the last entry was posted a year ago, you will not get new followers.

2. Use BlogsterApp. Managing social networks seems simple, but the reality is not so. Publish on Twitter at different times, try to reach a wide array of profiles, control the links … Social networks can become your worst nightmare! Blogster App is an online application that allows you to synchronize your content with networks. Additionally it helps you control the entries, refresh if they are far behind, and even allows you to add up to 5 alternative headlines per publication and facilitates dissemination with third parties. Better than aspirin!

3. Link-building. If your traffic has stalled, look for new blogs or portals in which they can mention you. An exchange of links should benefit both parties, so make sure that the content of the site that you appear on is of quality and that is in some way related to the topic of your blog. The right link in the right place will allow new users to find your space and navigate through it. In exchange, mention them to your page. You both win!

4. Post according to the search peaks. It’s hard to be original all the time, so sometimes a little inspiration can go a long way. In Google Insights you can analyze which are the most popular subjects at any given moment. Consider these topics and publish an entry related to the subject. This will allow you to catch the attention of users who may have never noticed your page.

5. Interact with the best. The blogs that you consider referrals not only serve as inspiration. They are also an opportunity to increase the traffic of your own page. It is not unlikely that these referral blogs have more user movement than in yours, as users read and interact. Commenting on these pages will always facilitate a clear path to your blog.

See, those aren’t so hard, right? These tips are simple and easy to carry out. It only takes a little time to investigate which are the best blogs with which to exchange links, who are the leaders in your field and which topics are the most popular. And of course for the management of social networks, BlogsterApp is key!

Original Post by Josué Hernández Suárez

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