10 tips to improve your Twitter profile

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10 tips to improve your Twitter profile

If you improve your profile on Twitter, you will improve your presence, reach and opportunities. Here are the “10 tips to improve your Twitter profile” we have created for you, we hope you find it useful.

1. Your photo is important, believe me you will not succeed if you do not come out of your shell

Something that may dissuade those who try to follow you is that the image you show on your blog is not the same as that on your social networks. The situation gets worse when you show a different image for each social network, it’s crazy. Something worse still is that you still have the default photo of Twitter, the egg.

This is something that makes it very clear, but in the professional and personal sphere is overlooked or simply not given the importance it should. At the end of this entry we will provide you with a size guide.

  • A close up
  • Watchout for the backgrounds
  • One person, you (and not a selfie)

2. Your Bio is where you put value on the most relevant elements (of the moment, not of a year ago)

On Twitter you have 160 characters to tell the whole world why you are interesting. Put value in your bio, mention what makes you unique and keep updating it as you achieve new milestones.

Both individuals and companies search and find profiles, therefore, your bio should contain relevant keywords.

  • The Bio must have consistency on all your social profiles.
  • Look at the Bios of other relevant people in your sector.

3. Your timeline says a lot about you, take care of it!

Your timeline is your real conversation, it’s what you talk about, it’s what you share and how you interact with other people.

Common sense and honesty go a long way, if you try to pretend someone you are not, you will go astray.

  • Use photos in your messages and make sure they do not recur frequently.
  • Keep your favorites in mind, they say a lot about you.

4. Relevant content and keeping a consistent theme will catapult your blog and brings value  (open a different account for your cat pictures)

The content you contribute should be relevant to your community and therefore should fit your theme. Always press the quality above the amount, this will also be an element of value associated to your profile that you must work every day.

  • Track that most important tweet of the last week.
  • Use #hashtags to give your publications more reach.
  • Balance, the only source of content you can not be only yours. Think of your followers.

5. Daily presence, should not be on impulse

We know how complicated it is to have a daily presence and with relevant content. You must be very clear that sources of quality and relevant content contribute toward your daily content.

  • Use Blogster App to help you distribute the relevant content of your blog and news from your industry.
  • Ask, participate, thank, recommend, in short, interact with your followers.
  • Promote your new content with common sense

6. Link to your blog or web, it’s your natural extension

If you have taken care of all the aspects mentioned above, this may lead to the need to know more about you.

  • Clear link to your web / blog.
  • Beware of shortened links in this section, can generate mistrust.
  • The ideal is a single link, in this specific section within the configuration and not in the bio.

7. Follow your own taste as is pertain to color, but let the text and links be distinguished

Twitter allows you to customize the colors and themes of your profile, that offers great flexibility, but remember that what it is about is to make a difference and that is something that is also achieved by combining colors.

  • Combinations of colors with little contrast make it difficult to read the text and the links.
  • Look for combinations that are consistent with the image of your blog.
  • Standardize the color scheme with respect to other profiles.

8. Profile header, if it is too commercial it may dissuade 

Twitter allows you to change the design of your profile, this is an element that we also find on Facebook, Linkedin and Google+.

  • If you change it, you must do it in the other social networks where you have presence.
  • It should be tied to your theme. If you change it, you must do it in the other social networks where you have presence.
  • Try not to be overtly commercial in your design, it is important to convey your value.

9. Country and geographical area, also geolocation

As with Bio, you can include your city and country within the data to display.

– It is important to make known your current geographical area.

– Update this data when you move.

– If you are a person that travels a lot, it may benefit you to include geolocation to your tweets.

10. Twitter evolves, you should evolve too. Size guides

Twitter is constantly evolving and new graphic elements are added to improve your presence on the web. We offer you the current size guide of Twitter:

Twitter has an excellent support center where you will find very useful information. 🙂


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