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Content Marketing Automation for Blogs

Save time

Planning out your content distribution adds too much time to your daily work. BlogsterApp uses innovative software program for easy automated content distribution planning, allowing you to combine the ability to showcase relevant blog content and news you want to share.

Increase traffic

Social Media can help generate visits to your blog, however, planning it out can require a lot of effort. Thanks to BlogsterApp's daily message proposals, you will get more visits to your blog, organically.

Boost business

An increase in the number of visits plus time saved contributes to the appearance of new business opportunities. BlogsterApp works with you for the purpose of making your business grow.

Professional SEO services

Automate your Blog's Content Marketing Strategy with BlogsterApp

Thanks to BlogsterApp's automated social network content distribution planning process, you will improve the attraction phase of your Inbound Marketing strategy, enabling you to focus your effort on the creative and analytic tasks that provide more value to your brand.

Power your daily presence on social media based on external links and the relevant content you have already published on your blog.

Gain quality traffic to your blog and generate sales opportunities.

Increase interaction with your fans and followers, keeping your brand visible, always.

BlogsterApp will help you get the best out of your Inbound Marketing Strategy

6 Essential Features

Revive Old Posts

Direct syncing of blogs from Blogger and Wordpress platforms.

Promotion Plan for New Posts

Identifies which pieces of content are evergreen and which are current.

Headline Editing

Add up to 5 headlines to the same post and measure the traffic gained to your blog per headline.

Content Curation

Schedule external posts and newscasts easily using our extension for Google Chrome.

Social Analytics

Statistics to measure the impact of traffic and adjust your content distribution plan.

My Community - Blog Network

Connect, Share and Conquer your followers. Increase the reach of your blog and automate the content curation

Last-Minute Editing

Use the Outbox to view, edit, share and delete scheduled messages.



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